Shannon Antonio

Financial Advisor

Toll Free:   1-800-461-4288
Local Telephone:  705-726-5656

Members B, C (Co-Cz), D, I, T: Shannon Antonio, ext 2223

A lifelong learner who loves to travel as well as a concert enthusiast who enjoys spending time with her kids, husband, family and friends. Her faith is important to her and she is active in her church community.

After receiving her degree in Travel and Tourism, Shannon was able to see the world from a new point of view after visiting Africa and teaching the locals new life skills. She was forever changed! After working for over 10 years in the financial industry, Shannon then decided to expand her horizons by joining the team at the OPPA Credit Union in 2011.  Shannon is a Financial Advisor and Credential Asset Management Mutual Funds investment specialist. Working at the OPPA Credit Union gives Shannon the chance to think outside of the box while giving members customized advice that makes sense for their needs. In order to do so, she will put herself in their shoes and go above and beyond to strive to give her members a superior experience. She genuinely loves to help her members and serve them well.

Shannon’s Message for You:

Many people tend to take advice on their finances from family, coworkers and friends, while this is great to hear their opinion, it may not always be the ideal plan for you and your future. We are very unique in that we know your career and all that comes along with that. I would love the opportunity to provide you with advice that is customized, personal and specific to your needs, goals and situation. I am here to support you at all stages of life when it comes to your financial world.

*Mutual funds are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc.