Recruit Loan


We are a Credit Union built just for you, and we understand the first important step is to ensure you can pay for your Ontario Police College tuition.

We understand that as you begin your career some of you are experiencing the following:

  • Change in income
  • Moving for your first posting
  • Just married or getting married
  • Starting a family – just had a baby or baby on the way
  • Spouse giving up their job to follow you

With these things in mind, we have tailored our recruit loan specifically for you with a low interest rate to ensure you can manage the payment for your Ontario Police College tuition.

If you require financial assistance for your Ontario Police College tuition, we can help you with a Recruit Loan at OPPA Credit Union prime + 1%, 

We will help you fund your Ontario Police College tuition with a recruit loan

  • $11,065 for OPC tuition
  • Up to $3,000 to purchase a laptop and required business attire
  • Rate is OPPA Credit Union Prime + 1% 
  • Recruit loan is open - pay off all or part of the loan at any time without penalty

  1. Apply for the recruit loan by completing the online recruit loan application
  2. Your personal Financial Advisor will review the information you submitted and contact you by phone
  3. Once the recruit loan is approved you will have to sign the loan documents.  This can be done by in person, by fax or email.
  4. After the recruit loan documents are signed you don’t have to worry about anything, we will send the funds to Ontario Police College on your behalf.

Recruit Loan Payment Details

  • We can provide you with a term up to 7 years
  • When you get a salary increase you can always choose to increase you loan payment and pay off the loan sooner 

Contact your Financial Advisor for advice you can trust.


  1. Apply right away, this way you’ll have one less thing to worry about.  It will allow you to focus on your training.
  2. If you’re still working or not available to contact your financial advisor you can have a spouse, friend or parent call on your behalf to gather the information.
  3. When you get a salary increase you can always choose to increase your loan payment and pay off the loan sooner.

*Rates subject to change without notice