Payroll Savings

Saving money is one of those tasks that is much easier said than done. With a Payroll Savings Plan you can have the money automatically deducted from your payroll before you have a chance to spend it on anything else.

A Payroll Savings Plan is easy to set up. You can have as little as $25 deducted from each pay and it can continue for as long as you would like. Your money is never locked in and you may change or cancel your plan at any time. You don’t need to have your full pay going into the OPPA Credit Union to open any Payroll Savings accounts.

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Open any Payroll Savings Plan and we will deposit a $50.00 BONUS into your account on your first payroll deposit date.


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If you’d like advice on how to set realistic savings goals, contact your Financial Advisor for advice you can trust.


  1. When you get a salary increase you can also choose to increase your savings deduction. This is a great way to boost your savings.
  2. When you invest in an RRSP, RESP or TFSA you shelter your investment income from taxes.
  3. If you open a Payroll Savings Plan you can take advantage of our $50.00 BONUS recruit special.